Wedding Tips & Ideas

One Year to Six Months Before

  1. Announce engagement
  2. Meet with both parents to discuss about the wedding
  3. Choose the Wedding Date
  4. Planing your wedding budget
  5. Consider hiring a bridal consultant or wedding planner
  6. Shop for Wedding Rings
  7. Choose wedding & reception sites, if having a church wedding, meet with clergy
  8. If the wedding reception is in the Hotel or Restaurant book it in advance
  9. Shop for the bride’s house or get a professional photographer for your Pre-Wedding Photography and do it early!
  10. Registering Your Marriage
  11. Select and book your photographer, videographer, and entertainment

Three to Four Months Before

  1. Complete your guest list and inform your out-of-town guests early!
  2. Address invitations as soon as they arrive or hire a Calligrapher and do it with style!
  3. If you have not already done so, order your bridesmaid dresses now! Confirm your wedding dress order too!
  4. Order Groom’s, Groomsmen and Dad’s Tuxedos
  5. Plan ceremony & reception details with musicians and/or other entertainment
  6. Arrange for wedding transportation
  7. Choose and book your makeup artist and make up consultant for beauty tips
  8. Complete your honeymoon plans

One to Two Months Before

  1. Buy wedding gifts for each other
  2. Mail wedding invitations
  3. Plan rehearsal & rehearsal dinner
  4. Pick up wedding rings
  5. Have a final fitting of gown & bridesmaid dresses
  6. Arrange for hotels for out-of-town guests
  7. Book your caterer
  8. Shop for your wedding cake
  9. Choose your florist

Last Two Weeks

  1. Have your hair done by hairstylist like you plan to wear it on your wedding day. Bring your veil with you!
  2. Meet up with your beauty consultant for tips.
  3. Check on honeymoon reservations
  4. Buy travelers checks
  5. Address your wedding announcements, have someone mail them for you on your Wedding day
  6. Confirm final details with florist, entertainment, rental services, caterers, photographers, reception site, etc.
  7. Pay all balances due at this time

The Last 48 Hours!

  1. Pick up the tuxedos or wedding grown
  2. Time to start relaxing. Try to stay calm
  3. Rehearsal dinner – give attendants their gifts!

Congratulations….you made it!! Remember, this is the beginning of the rest of your life together, if things go wrong at the wedding, don’t let it ruin your special day!


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