Jim Liaw Wedding Photography & Fine Art Portrait

Jim Liaw Photography

Jim’s distinctive style in choreographing one’s wedding photography is unsurpassed in its UNIQUENESS. It can best be described as FRESH, INNOVATIVE and CONTEMPORARY in the field of photography capture.

It impresses upon the mind the MOMENT one wishes to remember. This is his uniqueness in contrast i.e. the metaphor difference in standard photography & stylish contemporary images caught on film.

Jim captures these images of the subjects fun-filled with emotion and conveys to you the REALITY of the moment. This perhaps is why couples old and young, on careful speculation of this portfolios and of theirs, will time and again engage his professional expertise.

Jim’s passion for perfection in his field coupled with his way of interaction with the couple sets the stage for the perfect combination which is between the subjects and the camera. Jim brings out the best in you that encompasses a charismatic approach which ultimately you portray onto your final print composition. The end results are WEDDING MOMENTS which fill you with joy and are captured specially for you……

Robin Ng Photography

 Sspecialize in wedding & portrait photography. Weddings are important events and bring unique memories, hence my specialization.

“A picture says a thousand words” – I see photography as a simple means to relay the beauty of art and to express myself creatively. I want to see people being happy by capturing their positive emotions in as natural as possible.

I must say I’m a privileged guy, for I’m living out my dreams. With support from my wife, Alice and encouragement from my 6-year-old twins, Trish and Tisha (who are also my biggest critics!), I turned my hobby into a full-time profession. So far, I’ve been flown to weddings in Bali, Singapore, Phuket , Perth, Brisbane, Hong Kong and San Francisco (USA). What a great way to see the world!

My next dream is to have Alice joining me in this pursuit. For now, I’m flying solo. Check out my blog and share your thoughts!



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