Wedding bridal Fashion Show Trailer

Neo Romantic Bridal is a young energetic Company with international designers and full wedding gown production capabilities in China, which is invested by Malaysia entrepreneur who leads a team of international designers and marketing office in Malaysia. Our main products are wedding gown and dinner gown, flower girl dress. With our constant development and supports of customers, we have been growing rapidly throughout the past few years. We have been an OEM manufacturer for large distributors and branded companies worldwide. We also started to source fabrications from around the world, the craftsmanship of our gowns include the finest fabrics: pure silk, heavy dutchess satins, soft laces, Swaroveski Crystals etc. We also start to commit in building a few of brands for our local China and Malaysia market with pays close attention to detail, designing sophisticated bridal and dinner gowns. We have built our reputation on style, services and prices to please. Our fabulous collection is offered in customization sizes include either plus size.

Our Mission
No matter how big or small the order is Neo Romantic Bridal hope to fulfill every customer’s needs with our excellent understanding and perfect handcraft work. We always dedicate our business, technological and creative talents to ensure that Neo Romantic Bridal continues to provide beautiful bridal and formal wear of the finest quality at competitive prices.

Carven Ong :

Every women dream is to be a Queen for the day with confident yet feminine that last forever and a gown to be the talk of the town. At Carven Ong Couture and Wedding Specialist, we furnish the dreams of every woman into reality that every inch is eternal and timeless masterpiece by the gown created. Its founder who is one of the renowned fashion designers in Malaysia, believes “Wedding day is the most beautiful day in one’s life” that’s the reason why Carven Ong Couture and Wedding Specialist has been establish in November 2004 to make every girl’s dream come true. The boutique is located at Prestige Floor of Lot 10 Shopping Centre, where you can be assured to find one-of-a-kind experience once you step into the boutique.

Ranging from gorgeous wedding to evening and ballroom gown of high quality with the feminine touch, Carven’s design is most sought after by brides who yearn to shine on their very own red carpet. Every bride-to-be will be spoiled when come to choose a gown. That’s not all at Carven Ong Couture and Wedding Specialist as Carven believes “creativity knows no boundaries” where he creates sophisticated, elegant and yet contemporary classic design as a high benchmark for his creation. Carven ensures every made-to-order couture masterpiece is off fine workmanship with precision cut and delicately tailored to meet each individual requirement at affordable price. ”We want to change the perception by encouraging tailor-made rather than rent – this way, they can keep their once-in-a-lifetime outfit; something they can cherish and perhaps pass onto future generations”.

DIY or Mix & Match is offered to those bride-to-be whom she think would like to call the dress her own creation by adding on the accessories or mix & match the items off the rack and voila a new design is created for perfection. Explains Carven “There is uniqueness in every gown as it comes in classic clean lines with a fusion of traditional details for the modern brides to match their personalities and preserved individuality”. Besides Carven’s exquisite gowns, the team and he provide one stop solution to the bride-to-be and her groom on their wedding day. Everything will be taken care off from A to Z with no hassle but just sweet memories that prevail to cherish. All of the wedding couple’s needs and desires are taken care of right down to the nitty-gritty details such as hotel to floral arrangement, hair styling to make up and even Feng Shui master and Tai Kum service. Carven believes that being beautiful on the wedding day would be a memorable journey to be shared for the rest of their life together and a gown is the signature that ties both of them eternally, all thanks to Carven Ong Couture and Wedding Specialist!


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